• Tarragindi Kindy

This is what we are talking about

As educators, we love to hear our own voices as we go on and on (and on) about what kids learn in early childhood environments.

In my opinion, this photo speaks more to what they are learning than I could ever hope to write.

One boy, sad to see mum leave, being comforted by his friend.

That's it.

And so, we are humbled to witness a spontaneous, singularly beautiful moment between two individuals.

We are audience to something our world today truly needs more of: genuine, heartfelt empathy and concern for another.

So…what do we learn at kindy? We learn to foster feelings and emotions that make us more rounded, more contributing members of our community. We learn respect, tolerance and kindness.

And we learn to know that these feelings and values are good for us and that they make us better people. Important, vital, heady stuff.

Don't ever tell me these kids aren't capable of greatness…look, they're already beginning to make the world a better place.



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