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Tarragindi Kindy Camp Fire Fun

All of our classes have enjoyed two campfire days each so far this year. With the weather getting warmer by the day, this might be the end of our campfire experiences for 2019. Michael wrote the words below a few years back, but they still hold true today.

A huge part of our philosophy here at Tarragindi Kindy is recognising that your child is both competent and capable. With that in mind, we believe that learning should involve taking risks in a safe and controlled manner. Our yearly campfires allow the children to do just that. They are able to engage with a natural force - fire - while taking on unique, valuable and vital learning. As a kindy, we are most fortunate to be able to engage with our community neighbours, the Tarragindi Scout Group (who graciously provide permission for these excursions to take place) and to enjoy the natural environment that surrounds our beautiful kindy.

The children are provided opportunity to visit the site prior to the actual event. This is to familiarise them with safety protocols and with the site itself. Here, we discuss the properties of fire (“fuel”, “kindling” “energy” “is fire good? “Or bad?” and the like), and visit the need for safety when a fire has been made. We talk about the sensory aspects of experiencing a fire (“What can we smell?” “What can we see?” “Feel?” “Hear?” and so on). This raises the level of the experience to one where all of our senses are called upon and gives us an opportunity to reflect on how we perceive what is a most engaging elemental force.

As educators, we see the environment as the "third teacher" - it is a place of great learning. This experience provides our children with a learning opportunity to contribute to, and communicate with, nature.

Simply put, the benefits involved far outweigh the risk. The kindergarten campfires have become an intrinsic part of our practice. As such, they are a significant – and unique - learning event.


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