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The love tree

Just one of those little moments that I thought I'd share:  Noah had been playing around the sandpit and I was nearby. Noah approached me and noticed something on the ground. It was a tree stump - very small and shaped like a love heart. Someone had, at some stage, painted it red. 

"Why is that tree stump shaped like a love heart?" Noah asked. "Hmmm…I don't know, Noah." I answered. "Why do you think it's shaped like a heart?"

"I think it's a love tree." He replied. "'A love tree'?" I asked, intrigued. "What's a love tree, Noah?"

"It's a tree that grows from love seeds and when it gets bigger, it drops love seeds on the ground and it spreads love." He responded, before wandering off.

I thought about what Noah had said. It was an extremely beautiful, and delicate, thought and, in many ways, it captured the essence of this little boy, who has a remarkable imagination and a very sensitive and empathetic nature. 

We lose a lot of that as we grow older and the world hardens us. 

I hope that Noah grows in the shade of a very big, very beautiful, love tree.



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